Rush Witt and Wilson Boards

Rush Witt and Wilson are Sussex based estate agent, with many offices and a huge number of customers. We are proud to supply all of their boards and slips, and have done so for many years.

estate agent boards for Oakfields

Oakfield Estate Agent Boards

Oakfields are an established estate agent, with offices across Sussex. We are proud to supply all of their screenprinted estate agent boards and slips, a few samples of which are shown here. These are all screenprinted entirely in house by Printtek.


King and Chasemore

We supply many, many estate agents boards for King and Chasemore. King and Chasemore have over 160 years experience as estate agents, and so are one of the leading companies in this field in the UK. We are proud to have supplied them with tens of thousands of screenprinted estate agent boards over the last […]